Fill Yer Boots!

FillyaBoots is the baby of Ric Wilson and Geoff Miller. They both discussed their
theories when they got acquainted through an Internet Discussion Board and found
someone who would share the same levels of passion for making a large amount of
money in trading of shares. This passion kindled a burning desire to present direct and
honest information to the common Private Investor, one who is kept hidden from the
curriculum and personal abuse that is a characteristic of many other sites.

6793832171_cc913a5f97_zMost successes start out as hobbies but grow in proportions to massive levels. As the
business progressed, the company expanded by leaps and bounds, which required a
larger crowd. This led to September 2000 where we officially welcomed Yvonne
McGarry, Dale Sherriff and Nigel Mutter to the corporate family.

Fillya Boots is not associated with any form of financial organization or Government
Department or regulated by any official body. We exercise our right to free speech and
do not stutter in presenting the facts whether positive or negative, unpopular or

The style of work practiced at our company requires hard and thorough research and
guarantee a fixed investment. The more precise the information; opportunities double,
leading to lowering of risks.

We welcome suggestions in any form; whether good or bad. We listen to your feedback
and try to better our service. It is practically impossible to provide individual and
specific share-dealing advice; however, we are always available for any doubt.

Please keep visiting us and feel free to email us regarding any feedback you may have
while reading Fillya Boots!